Toots Hibbert: Farewell to a Reggae Legend

There is nothing profound in the following post. I have not the skill in musicology to write anything like that.
What I do have is sorrow at the passing of one of my favourite singers and musicians: Toots Hibbert. He was an artist I preferred to Bob Marley, who I also rated very highly and although it is rarely right to compare such different talents, I think it may draw out my views on Toots as an artist.
Firstly the voice, described once as the Otis Redding of Reggae is a big attraction; a voice that was as strong at 77 as when he was in his youth. He has an album of new songs coming out soon and, thanks to the David Rodigan programme on BBC Radio 1 Extra, some of the new music has been played.)
Secondly, he was an excellent musician (as was Marley), but more inventive.
Thirdly, he was as good a songwriter as Marley, but with a broader range of moods. As serious as Marley when being serious, but with a good ear for a comic song.
I heard of his passing oddly enough on the BBC Scotland sports programme ‘Off the Ball’ and only confirmed it once I had stopped driving.
Like all fans, my thoughts are with his family.

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